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New OPTIMA OPS002 (PFT-PCV/3000) (PFT-PCV/3000) PTO for vacuum truck

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Type PTO
Part number PFT-PCV/3000
Catalog number of the original OPS002 with clutch has been designed primarily for use in dry vacuum equipment and combination sewer cleaning machines. PCV Vertical SSU. Equivalent to PFT-PCV/3000, PCV/3000D, PCV3000C, (Part numbers - 10810021-05, 10810074, 10810074-01, TRA022324, TRA022307, DRI022318) 7000-00198 - Transfer Case 10810047-03 PCV T Tower SSU PCV T/3000D, PCVT/3000C, PFT-PCV/3000-2A, Spare parts 7310-03084 Eye, lifting, 7310-03085 Plug, 7310-03081 Washer, copper 7310-03086 Plug, magnetic 7310-03087 Screw, set 7310-03082 Eye, sight 7310-03088 Washer, copper 7310-03089 Plug 7310-03090 Plug 7310-03091 Housing, 1:1 ratio 7310-03104 Nut, lock 7310-03105 Spacer 7310-03106 Screw, M10x25 7310-03109 Bearing, roller 7310-03110 Flange, support 7310-03119 Gear 7310-03120 Ring, engagement 7310-03121 Bearing, roller 7310-03122 Ring, sensor 7310-03123 Ring, spacer 7310-03124 Shaft, output 7310-03125 Bearing, needle cage 7310-03126 Shaft, input 7310-03141 Fork, shifter engagement 7310-03152 Shim, 0.1 mm 7310-03156 Bearing, roller 7310-03157 Shaft 7310-03158 Gear 7310-03167 Bearing, roller 7310-03168 Shaft, output 7310-03169 Gear 7310-03156 Bearing, roller
Year of manufacture 2021
Location Turkey
Placed on Aug 05, 2022
Machineryline ID GU14702
Condition new
More details
We produce a wide range of vertical and horizontal types of transferases/Split shaft PTO. Herewith attached I'm sending you the datasheet of OPS-002 as an equivalent to PFT-PCV/3000.

Features of OPS-002
* Direct or Clutch engagement
* 35.000 Nm Torque
* Shaft distance is 420 mm
* 3 weeks production time

Please check all specifications from here:
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