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Lagerregal warehouse shelving Lagerregal $2,549 Warehouse shelving Netherlands, Hulst
Palettenregalträger warehouse shelving
Type warehouse shelving
Location Netherlands Horst
Placed on Aug 05, 2022
Machineryline ID MN30058
Auction 1
Ending date 2022-08-11 16:49
Overall dimensions length - 11.81 ft
Condition used
More details
brand: Stow; total dimension L: 3600 mm; description: 2362;
brand: Stow
description: 2362
totale afmeting L: 3600 mm
omschrijving: 2362
Marke: Stow; Gesamtabmessung L: 3600 mm; Beschreibung: 2362;
marque: Stow; longueur totale: 3600 mm; description: 2362;
marca: Stow; dimensioni totali (L): 3600 mm; descrizione: 2362;
merk: Stow; totale afmeting L: 3600 mm; omschrijving: 2362;
marka: Stow; dlugosc calkowita: 3600 mm; opis: 2362;
marca: Stow; dimensiunea totala L: 3600 mm; descriere: 2362;