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Bito P3 warehouse shelving
Type warehouse shelving
Location Netherlands Horst
Placed on Aug 05, 2022
Machineryline ID TN30058
Auction 1
Ending date 2022-08-11 16:58
Condition used
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brand: Bito; type: P3; dismantable: yes; section dim. L: 3590 mm; section dim. W: 900 mm; section dim. H: 10400 mm; number of uprights: 210; number of cross beams: 2348; number of shelves: 3516; description: decking is 1200x900 mm; wood lath to lath; already professionally disassembled; word delivered in packages ; viewing and collection only by appointment via
brand: Bito
dismantable: yes
section dim. L: 3590 mm
section dim. W: 900 mm
section dim. H: 10400 mm
number of uprights: 210
number of cross beams: 2348
number of shelves: 3516
description: decking is 1200x900 mm
wood lath to lath
already professionally disassembled
word delivered in packages
viewing and collection only by appointment via
demontabel: ja
sectie afm. L: 3590 mm
sectie afm. B: 900 mm
sectie afm. H: 10400 mm
aantal staanders: 210
aantal liggers: 2348
aantal legborden: 3516
omschrijving: vlonders zijn 1200x900 mm
hout lat om lat
reeds professioneel gedemonteerd
word in pakketten uitgeleverd
viewing and collection only by appointment via
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Marke: Bito; Typ: P3; zerlegbar: ja; Abschnitt-Durchm. L: 3590 mm; Abschnitt-Durchm. B: 900 mm; Abschnitt-Durchm. H: 10400 mm; Anzahl der Pfosten: 210; Anzahl der Traversen: 2348; Anzahl der Regale: 3516; Beschreibung: Belag ist 1200 x 900 mm; Holzlatte an Latte; bereits fachmännisch demontiert; Wort in Paketen geliefert;
marque: Bito; type: P3; démontable: oui; dim de la section longueur: 3590 mm; dim de la section largeur: 900 mm; dim de la section hauteur: 10400 mm; nombre de montants: 210; nombre de traverses: 2348; nombre d’étagères: 3516; description: le platelage est de 1200x900 mm; lattes de bois à lattes; déjà démonté professionnellement; mot livré en colis ;
marca: Bito; tipo: P3; smontabile: si; dim. sezione L: 3590 mm; dim. sezione P: 900 mm; dim. sezione A: 10400 mm; numero di montanti: 210; numero di traverse: 2348; numero di ripiani: 3516; descrizione: il piano di calpestio è 1200x900 mm; listello di legno a listello; già smontato professionalmente; parola consegnata in pacchi;
merk: Bito; type: P3; demontabel: ja; sectie afm. L: 3590 mm; sectie afm. B: 900 mm; sectie afm. H: 10400 mm; aantal staanders: 210; aantal liggers: 2348; aantal legborden: 3516; omschrijving: vlonders zijn 1200x900 mm; hout lat om lat; reeds professioneel gedemonteerd; word in pakketten uitgeleverd; viewing and collection only by appointment via
marka: Bito; typ: P3; demontowane: ja; dlugosc sekcji: 3590 mm; szerokosc sekcji: 900 mm; wysokosc sekcji: 10400 mm; liczba belek pionowych: 210; liczba belek poprzecznych: 2348; liczba pólek: 3516; opis: poszycie 1200x900 mm; drewniana listwa do listwy; już profesjonalnie zdemontowany; słowo dostarczane w paczkach;
marca: Bito; tip: P3; demontabil: da; dimensiune sec?iune L: 3590 mm; dimensiune sec?iune l: 900 mm; dimensiune sec?iune h: 10400 mm; numar de montan?i: 210; numar de traverse: 2348; numar de rafturi: 3516; descriere: pardoseala este de 1200x900 mm; lat de lemn la lat; deja dezasamblat profesional; cuvânt livrat în pachete ;